Sometimes your friends give you really bad directions.

Sometimes Google Maps takes you to the wrong location.

You trust in both… but still here you are… lost!

There’s always frustration with this.


So what do you do?!

…you find someone new. Someone who might know what they are talking about.

Maybe the girl inside of the coffee shop. Maybe the guy at the gas station.


…but guess what? You wrote the address down incorrectly. Drat!

This might happen in your personal life too.

Ask a trainer or coach, “How do I lose weight?”

He or she might say eat more protein.

Another trainer might say do more cardio.

Or one might tell you lower your carbs.

The worst gym injuries can lead you down a disastrous path if you keep taking advice from the wrong people who “think” they know what they are talking about. Seriously, some of the worst gym injuries can be prevented if only you check the facts out before you act.


To a person new to fitness this can be very confusing. How can there be three  different answers? You might think, do these trainers know what they’re talking about?

The truth is all of those are ways to lose weight. What would be even better is someone riding with you who has been there before.

At Training for Warriors we try to keep the steps simple and we work with our clients one on one, leading them in the right direction and showing them the path to success.

We are the Compass to physical fitness and nutrition. We promise to send you the correct address and we’ll show you how to get there. The rest is up to You!


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Coach Mollie

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