Speed, Power, Explosion are some common words you hear when a coach explains what sprinting is all about. Running is simple to do and practically anyone can do it, but the questions is can you do it efficiently? Everyone can lift weights and put some muscle to help increase their speed and power. However, what a lot people are lacking is the technique to run, or should we say sprint the right way.


Al Hobson is a big believer on technique and positioning. An athlete may be the most powerful athlete in the weight room, but it does not guarantee success on the playing field. Positioning is a big component of sprinting on the track or accelerating on the football field, without the proper technique you as a coach or an athlete are setting yourself up for failure. Countless injuries can be prevented alone just on simple running mechanics that are best taught at an early age or repeated many¬†times at practice that is drilled into the athlete’s head. Eventually when a drill is done numerous amount of times it becomes a habit that will reinforce good running mechanics. Muscle memory is what the athlete is going to development.

The sooner the athlete learns how to sprint, accelerate, run the right way the more success he or she will have later down the road. Plus, it will save coaches time and energy having to go through the basics with athletes who has zero running mechanics under their belt. Learning how to be in better positioning in your given sport will not only make you faster, but also prevent less injuries and be less sore from workouts.


It makes us happy to all the athletes who came out to the clinic over the weekend who want to improve their speed and take it to the next level. It will be no surprise they will have more success on the court/field by just fixing a few simple running mechanic they learned from over the weekend. This is “The” speed and agility clinic in Kansas City any serious athlete needs to be apart of. Remember their is always room for improvement and a coach/athlete should be a student of their game and continue to learn everyday to further their game.

Stay tuned for our next clinic, if you are interested in our speed and agility program Hobson will be offering classes. For more information about our clinics or programs please email Luther Glover at Luther1906@hotmail.com


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