The secret to designing the next fastest sprinter in the world!

The former coach of Maurice Greene, Al Hobson is hosting another speed and agility clinic at TFW JOCO for any and all coaches. You will learn track sprinting workouts you can immediately use with your program. Hobson is a world renowned track and field coach who has worked with many Olympic sprinters and professional athletes. Hobson’s track sprinting workouts have been proven to work and will make your athletes faster. He has many years of experience with athletes from all different types of backgrounds and willing to make anyone faster who wants to put in the effort.

The clinic will include…

  • Nutrition
  • Proper Warmups
  • Foundations
  • Mock Drills
  • Hurdle Drills
  • Sprinting technique
  • Q&A session

It is vital as a coach to keep improving yourself and keep learning any and everything about your sport. Lou Holtz once said, “In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.” There is always something to learn whether its a new drill, warmup routine, or new track sprinting workouts.

The clinic will cost $100 and take place at TFW JOCO January 9th from 11am-3pm. Call (913) 538-5646 if you have and questions about the clinic.


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