┬áLearn from Lorenzo Cain’s speed coach

Speed and agility coach Al Hobson is returning to TFW JOCO to give another clinic! According to the Sports Illustrated article (click here to read the story) Lorenzo Cain’s speed was greatly increased which allowed him to cover more ground in the outfield and steal bases like a mad man (he leads the Royals in stolen bases). Not only did Lorenzo Cain’s speed increased he also reduced the amount of running injuries from bad mechanics all thanks to Al Hobson (a Kansas City native). After all these years of coaching countless professional athletes coach Hobson wants to share some of his knowledge and make Kansas City fast!

Not only is coach Hobson offering another clinic, but the for the first time he is offering his speed and agility program to the public. Exclusively at TFW JOCO called “Hobson’s Choice Speed School”.┬áThe Hobson’s Choice Speed clinic will take place on October 17th and 18th from 1pm to 3pm. Nike prizes will be given out at the clinic as well! This is an incredible opportunity you do not want to miss! How else do you think Lorenzo Cain was able to cover all that ground in the Royals epic playoff run from last year?

Here is a resume of a handful of athletes he has worked with such as…

Lorenzo Cain– The 2015 ALCS MVP of the Kansas City Royals

Maurice Greene– 2000 Olympic Gold Medal 100 meter Champion (Kansas City native

Muna Lee– Olympian and 20-time All-American sprinter from LSU (Kansas City native)

Ivory Williams– 2004 World Junior 100 meter Champion

Mardy Scales– Personal best in the 100 meters of 10.07

Monzavous Edwards– Personal best in the 100 meters of 10.00


The list goes on and on of the countless athletes coach Hobson has worked with. Hobson’s Choice Speed School training methods have been proven to work to make anyone faster! Come learn from one of the best! Lorenzo Cain benefited from coach Hobson’s teaching methods, whats stopping you from get faster?

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