Counting Calories: Figuring out how many calories should I eat per day?

How many calories should I eat per day? It’s a question I hear quite a bit from people who are trying to lose or gain weight. If you grab the nearest food label it states the following information…

how many calories should I eat per day
All your macro needs right in front of you

Everything you need to know about macros (macronutrients) are listed right here for your needs. Macros are proteins, fats and carbohydrates which are the basis of all the calories you consume from a food source. The amount of grams or milligrams in each source are important of figuring out what you need to eat to figure out your needs. The label also gives percents of what you need to eat to meet your daily intake. However, this is info is a helpful guideline to figuring out your needs, but it does not mean you need to follow it exactly. Every label is based off of a generic 2,000 calorie intake, some people need to eat more and some need need to eat less. So the question is how many calories should I eat per day? Well that all depends on a few factors such as gender, age, height and activity level.

Everyone is different and we all have different macro levels, figuring out your macro needs can be quite easy. Back day in the day it wasn’t so convienent trying to count all your proteins, fats and carbs on a piece of paper. Sure, it works, but it was a bit time consuming calculating all your numbers. It took some dedication on your end. Luckily, we live in a world where everyone has a smart device at their disposal. Counting macros has never been easier with the use of a cellphone. There are a few apps out there that can help manage all your numbers by simply scanning the barcode of a food product!

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