I will admit it I can gain weight easily. I love food of every kind.

If I don’t pay attention to what I eat I simply gain weight. There’s no question about it.

 I have often heard conversations of our population complaining about this issue.

 They look at our thin or buff citizens and say,”Well you’re just designed that way, it’s not fair!”

…But for the thin and buff chics who I have listened to, worked out with, coached… I have noticed they do have certain habits that make them who they are. Here are 3 habits one must follow how to lose weight while eating more!

3 simples habits to follow how to lose weight while eating more!

  1. Her relationship with food is a little bit different and it’s not quite so emotional. No bon bons, pizza and home video on break up night. Instead it’s girl’s night out and dancing.
  2. She eats when she is hungry and sometimes it’s ALL the time. …But it’s never too much. Like a handful of nuts, a greek yogurt, and good ole vegetables.
  3. Her healthy choices become a habit. Have you ever starved yourself and then hit rock bottom, thought the only thing that could fill you up was a double cheeseburger, and then you suffered from stomach cramps soon after? When you keep healthy foods in your system your body becomes happier. Keep a good food list with you always and get used to choosing only from that list.

So when I’m ready to lose weight I get the thin person mindset. When I’m hungry I don’t eat a full meal I just snack a little bit throughout the day, sometimes every two hours. I choose foods that are healthy and nutrient rich. I count my macronutrients and I’m making sure I’m getting an adequate amount of protein.

These are little things that can help you get leaner. It is a mindset. And it is a process.

 If you have tried to lose weight time and time again but just don’t understand why you were not successful. If you have lost 20 pounds quickly but then gained it all right back. If you feel like you’re not eating very much, like you’re starving but you are still holding on to that undesired insulation, then do not hesitate to contact me or one of my coaches. There you have it, if you follow these 3 habits this is how to lose weight while eating more!

We are starting our next 8 week Challenge October 26th! Looking for 14 serious participants who would like to Transform themselves and Bring out the Warrior Within!

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