Learn how to recover faster from workouts

5 tips to get you primed for tomorrow’s workout!

So you just finished your workout and you are already starting to feeling soreness setting in.  Some of you think to yourself “I’m going to feel this tomorrow”, which is probably true. It can be hard at times to hit the gym the next day with the same intensity when you aren’t feeling 100%. As a former collegiate All-American sprinter there are plenty of ways to help speed the recovery post workout with these 5 solid tips.

Follow these steps how to recover FASTER from workouts in no particular order


After a workout I ALWAYS do some light stretching to help relieve/prevent the soreness that is about to set in. Whatever muscle group you demolished make sure to stretch them out.


Branched Chain Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and help repair muscle tissue that was damaged post workout. There are over 20 amino acids needed to build muscle, your body can only produce half them and the rest needs to come from supplementation.

Foam roll

This is a habit I should’ve started when I first began playing sports! I foam roll before and after workouts to help smooth out any knotted muscles that creates normal blood flow to those areas. A tennis ball even works for those hard to reach places such as the shoulder blades.


I make it a goal of mine to drink at LEAST a gallon of water everyday. I don’t need to get into all the scientific studies of what water does for your body. Bad hydration leads to cramps, fatigue, dizziness and other. When you feel bad you perform bad, bad performance leads to poor form, poor form increases the chances of getting hurt. The Yoda Star Wars reference definitely applies, just drink lots of water!


Make sure you get some form of protein after a workout within an hour so. It can be protein powder, chicken, beef, steak, salmon, beans. Protein helps repair the damaged muscle fibers from an intense workout. No protein pretty much means no gains and you’ll be feeling sore the next day, guaranteed. You want gains right?.. Thats what I thought.


There you have it, you follow these 5 tips I guarantee you will feel so much better and be ready to take on any workout that is tossed at you the next day.

One quote I live by, “if not now, then when?” Really think about that and let it sink in.

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