“I need to lose weight fast! It’s a very common thing we hear from a lot of our members and future members.

We live in a world where we can access information and receive a product almost instantaneously, people want results and they want to get them fast. Everyone has busy lives and making things faster and easier is the way to go. Losing weight fast is very achievable, are you willing to be the effort in and change your life for the better?! Look no further because our signature workout “The Hurricane” is the fat burning workout you have been looking for!

What is The Hurricane Workout?

Martin Rooney the founder of Training For Warriors invented this metabolic conditioning to prepare MMA fighters. Not only does it work, but athletes of all backgrounds use this proven training system to get into the best shape of their lives. The Hurricane training system relies on the same destruction and renewal of an athlete’s body that will produce amazing results. This is something you cannot achieve just from a treadmill or stair master. The best part a single workout can be done in 20 minutes, things can be intense.

Once you finish a hurricane workout you feeling like you can literally take on anything life throws at you. Seriously, things will be a cake walk. When things get tough you can think back to your last hurricane workout and remind yourself you CAN do it!

When you think to yourself “I need to lose weight fast” and don’t know where to begin, the hurricane workout is where you need to be. You WILL lose weight fast, you’ll feeling amazing and you’ll feel all those good endorphins your body has released.

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Come to one of our hurricane workouts and kick your old routine out the door!


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