Kansas City 28 Day Challenge

Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle, and Feel Great

We are looking for participants who want to transform their bodies and lives!.

You do not need to devote hours to your workout each week. This program is designed to get you RESULTS in the shortest amount of time so you can still enjoy your free time.

Join us for our 28 Day Fit Challenge.

When you’re 100% ready to make this change in your life, end all of the frustration and get the results you deserve.

We’ll reach out to you right away to answer all your questions and make sure you’re the right fit for our program.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Exercises are focused on burning fatbuilding strength, and speeding up your metabolism.
  • Our exercises will target the trouble areas that we’ll talk about during our initial strategy session.
  • All workouts are designed to improve energy, and burn the maximum amount of fat in 28 Days.
  • Workouts are always changing so your body adapts better and you don’t get bored!

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28 Day Challenge (ONLY $199)


    Lose Body FatGet Lean and TonedBuild MuscleImprove Energy Levels

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    Results from our members

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    Yessie had an MMA fight coming up and in order to compete she had to be at certain weight. She came to TFW ready t...

    Yessie Cortez - TFW Kansas City
    before before
    after after

    Angela is a busy mom who devotes much of her time getting her kids back and forth to school and their sports train...

    Angela Winslow - TFW Kansas City
    before before
    after after

    Michele is a happily married mother of two boys. She had been athletic all of her life and never really appre...

    Michele - TFW Kansas City
    before before
    after after

    Definitely share the pics and my story.  It’s a blessing to have come so far with the help of TFW.  I was...

    Leanthony Johnson - TFW Kansas City

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