2016 is almost amongst us, its a time of reflection and think of the good and the bad things that happened this past year. It’s time to make some changes and continue to live a positive life and healthy life.

Whats one of the top new year eve resolutions you hear way too often?

Something in the realm of, “I wanna lose weight”, “I want to get stronger”, “I want to eat healthier”. Those are all great things! So you enroll at a local gym near by, you start by more vegetables and less potato chips, you start going on some shorts runs.

Things are going great and then you hit “the wall” the excitement begins to fade and the energetic self back on January 1st somehow disappears. Your results start to plateau and working out and eating healthy seems more like a job and becomes dull… So after a month of hard work you start going less and less to the gym which eventually leads the cancelation of the gym membership.

This all happens way to often and sad to see someone give up on their fitness journey for what every their reason may be.

The excitement of losing weight, getting stronger, eating healthier seems to disappear. Is it because its too hard, unachievable, or worse NO DIRECTION.

Sometimes between my sets of lifts I’ll people watch and see what my other gym goers are doing. Some people know exactly what they are doing and you can tell by their physique. Then there are some people who seem like they know what they are doing. Then you spot a few people who have absolutely no clue what they are doing or where to begin.

They hop on the treadmill, walk around for a bit. Then do some bicep curls, maybe some lat pull downs, leg press next? Sure why not. How about bench press? Maybe, not sure how to do it, how much weight should I do? How many reps? Maybe I should get someone to spot me? No I don’t want to do that, that’s embarrassing. I think I’ll just go sit in the sauna and call it day. Gym session over…

Having no direction in your weight loss/gain plan is one of the biggest reasons why someone stops going to the gym and they see the results they dreamed of when they began their fitness journey.

Training For Warriors is not your typical gym.

Our trainers are here to help and push you beyond the limits you couldn’t imagine. The classes are fun and challenging, results are a guarantee. You will shed weight and gain muscle faster than you can ever imagine. There is no magic pill or powder to get you shredded. Its all about hard work and believing in yourself, our trainers will bring out the warrior within you.

Come join the resistance!

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