Kansas City New Year’s Resolution
6 Week Transformation

Starting on January 30th, we’re giving you the chance to start the new year off right at TFW Kansas City

Feel energized, confident, and sexy. Make 2018 the year that you ditch the fad diets, drop the pounds, and get in the best shape of your life.

What you’ll get:

  • 3x’s/Week Training Sessions With A Dedicated Coach
  • Food plan designed specifically for you
  • Personalized Classes. You Are Not Just A Number Here!
  • Unlimited Accountability and Motivation
  • Before/After Pictures and Measurements


2017 Was a Rough Year, I’m starting my New Year’s Resolution Today

You tried all the diets you could get your hands on. When those didn’t work you thought maybe a juice cleanse would help. No? No matter — carbs were up next on the kill list, anyway. Who needs pasta, pizza, cheese rolls, cake or anything delicious?

Even the gym time seemed to have no effect. You were rocking it for a while, going in a few times. You even started feeling better for a little bit. But after work and taking care of your family and making time for your friends, there wasn’t any time left for… you.

That was January.

By April you were tearing your hair out because nothing was working and the two days a week you’d promised to work out were a distant memory. You were trying to exercise at home, but those Pinterest workouts didn’t explain half the exercises and it feels like you’re spending more time worrying about whether or not you’re doing it right than actually working out.

And let’s be honest: you needed some time to get away and just focus on you.

New Year. New You.
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    Here's What You Can Expect in Only 6 Weeks

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    after after

    Yessie had an MMA fight coming up and in order to compete she had to be at certain weight. She came to TFW ready t...

    Yessie Cortez - TFW Kansas City
    before before
    after after

    Angela is a busy mom who devotes much of her time getting her kids back and forth to school and their sports train...

    Angela Winslow - TFW Kansas City
    before before
    after after

    Michele is a happily married mother of two boys. She had been athletic all of her life and never really appre...

    Michele - TFW Kansas City
    before before
    after after

    Definitely share the pics and my story.  It’s a blessing to have come so far with the help of TFW.  I was...

    Leanthony Johnson - TFW Kansas City

    This Year You’ve Got a Team

    No more diets that make you want to jump off a cliff. No more longing stares at donuts in the coffee shop that you desperately want to eat but know you can’t touch. No more saying no. No more going through it on your own. This year, we’ve got your back.