Should I Take Whey Protein Before or After Workout?

That is a question I get asked quite a bit. Technically speaking you should eat protein before and after a workout if your sticking to your diet. From a performance standpoint consuming protein before a workout isn’t as crucial as it is after a workout. First lets discus the different types of protein out there as it can be confusing on what types to take. Here are 7 different types of protein to take into consideration.

Types of proteins.

  1. Whey Isolates– Bit more expensive, very fast digesting protein, great for quick recover after a workout, usually low to none carb/sugar content.
  2. Hydrolysate– Most expensive protein and highest quality protein, contains peptides which aid in digesting to the fullest potential.
  3. Casein– Makes you feel fuller throughout the day as it’s a very slow digesting protein (5-7 hours), best to used at night time as the body enters into the anabolic when you sleep so you utilize the protein more efficiently supplying nutrients to your body.
  4. Whey Concentrate– Cheaper source of protein, ┬ácomes in powder form, great for snacking in between meals, faster digestion.
  5. Soy– Vegetarian friendly, can produce healthy cholesterol, improve thyroid hormone output which aids in fat loss.
  6. Milk Protein Isolate– Combines both whey isolate and casein, full of amino acids to help with recovery.
  7. Egg Albumin– aka egg whites, the glory days of old school body builders, not typically found as powder but as liquid form found in cartons.

The general rule of thumb is to have protein within an hour after a workout. 25 grams of protein should be the minimum to consume afterwards. My personal preference for beginners new to taking protein should start out with whey concentrate and then starting making decisions to stay with it or move onto something else.

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