Fitness Lessons for Kids, Everyone Needs Some Physical Activity!

No matter what your age is, everyone needs some sort of physical activity to live a healthy lifestyle. As you already know Training For Warriors is a proven training system that can help you lose weight, gain strength, better lifting form, improved running mechanics and most importantly a healthier way of life. Everyone can benefit from working out including your children!


Every Saturday morning at our JOCO and Lee’s Summit locations we offer a kid class for all ages. Our classes are full of games and activities that will get your child excited about working out and being active! Not only is it important for kids to stay active, but its also very crucial for them to learn the proper exercise mechanics at an early age that can prevent bad form and injuries. A little bit of proper training can go a long way.

As a parent you should lead by example and demonstrate the importance of being active and staying healthy.

Getting them to be active a young age will give them the foundation they need for the rest of the life. Give us a call to get you and the whole family signed up. Join the Resistance!


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