So you want to get in shape, but you don’t know where to begin? Looking for a gym can be challenge, some people know what they want in a gym and the other half have no idea what to look for. So the half who know what they want in a gym walk into this foreign place and wander around half the time having no idea what to do!


So they sign up for a class and/or personal trainer to get “motivated” to lose those extra pounds, but at this point its up to the individual how bad they want to make a difference in their life. Without motivation anything you do becomes stale and your focus goes out the door.


Here at Training For Warriors we are here by your side to make sure you don’t lose that mental focus, to keep pushing you through those workouts and tough times. Tired of the same old general circuit training gym classes? I’m sure you are, but have you tried our signature Hurricane Workout? Talk about a major calorie burner! You just got a new PR in deadlift? Time to ring our PR bell and let everyone know you that are one step closer to¬†reaching your fitness goals! Need help with dieting? We cover that too, eating right is just as important as the workouts themselves. If you are not fueling your body the right away, kiss your gains and your intensity for your next workout goodbye.


Our trainers are highly certified and have played collegiate and professional sports. Living a healthy and fit lifestyle is the their number 1 priority because without your health you are nothing. Ask yourself what is stopping you today from making a life changing healthy and fit lifestyle?


Are you ready to make the change? I think you are, give us a call today so can make your health and fitness goals a reality. We are not your typical Lenexa fitness centers, we are TFW.



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