Training For Warriors Lee’s Summit would like to welcome its newest service Synapse Performance Therapy. Synapse Performance Therapy has helped many professional and amateur athletes get back to the playing field with his proven therapy methods. Every Wednesday and Thursday evenings at Training For Warriors Lee’s Summit, Michael Bailey will be available to give treatments to help relieve soreness or nagging injuries. We as trainers are constantly working out and putting our body through brutal workouts, every now and then we need time to recover to take on tomorrow’s challenge. One way to help recover from an intense workout or injury is to get a massage.

Here is how Synapse Performance Therapy works…

Synapse Performance Therapy is a unique study that has discovered how to tighten the nervous system in order to improve gland and muscle function. This speeds up the body’s natural healing process, dramatically reduces injuries, and greatly enhances training.”

For more info you can visit their website here or contact Michael Bailey at for any questions or to schedule an appointment. Make sure to mention Training For Warriors Lee’s Summit!

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