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I’ve always been a pretty active guy my whole life playing every sport imaginable. Everything from track, 5Ks, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, cycling and now rugby. Every now and then injuries pop up and forcefully sat me out of competition… I wasn’t fun to be around when I couldn’t enjoy the one thing I love doing, competing.

Injuries take time to heal, maybe its a few days, or a week, or months. In my eyes a day without training is a day wasted in my books, but injuries require rest/rehab in order to get back to 100%. I can be impatient at times and I am always eager to get back at there so I feel like I need to be doing something.

No matter how minor or sever the injury was, it always required me to get back into shape. It always felt like I was starting from scratch, everything I worked hard for was set back a few notches. It can be depressing and definitely annoying more than anything, but you learn from your mistakes and move on. You have to understand why you got injured in the first place and then work on that area to prevent it from happening again.

Sometimes during training you may lose sight in your goals, why am I working out? Why am I outside running in the cold? Why does it matter if I can lift 10 more pounds on my bench press?

I’m not going to lie its really hard to get back into shape, the easiest thing now become the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Motivation can be low, I understand I’ve been there before. Especially after an injury demoralizes your spirit, but there is always one thing I can rely on when I doubt myself. You have to think Positive! Stop thinking about how much this workout sucks! Stop complaining how you use to feel before your injury or when you were younger! A positive mindset goes far in life, once you start thinking negative you start having self doubt which creates a terrible, ugly image of yourself. You have to get out of the negative mindset and get into the positive mindset! You have to use those negative feelings and make those your motivations. You will get back into shape, you will get leaner, you will get stronger, you will achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

THINK about how far you came with your training, LOOK at your progression over the years, truly FEEL how much better you feel because of your training. Yes, I play sports and train to perform better, but there is so much more to working out just to look better and perform better. I couldn’t imagine living a life of not being active, I go crazy after of day of not doing some sort of activity. Your health is your most important thing, without it you can’t fully enjoy life or take care of your loved ones.

Like I set getting back into shape can really suck, but having the positive mindset will make all the difference.

Training For Warriors can help you get back into CRAZY shape, all you have to do is show up and do everything with 100% intensity. Our trainers are here to get you pumped, get you inspired, get your pushing beyond your limits you couldn’t imagine.

Our Hurricane workout will get you back into your youthful self again, the circuit workout will get you to use every muscle in your body. Especially muscles you thought you didn’t have. I guarantee if you do the hurricane workouts and weight lifting you will start LOOKING better and most importantly FEELING better. Look at some of these results, the system is PROVEN to work and will get your the results you’ve always wanted.

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