This morning on the way to work rush hour was pretty bad. There was a smell of burnt rubber and then a noisy ambulance passed me. I had just read an article by Martin Rooney about focus and the realization that most people still text and drive. They don’t make the most important thing the most important thing. When you drive where should your focus be? It should be on the road.

We do this in our daily life too. We get distracted by Facebook and jammed up email accounts. We have more resources available to us now than ever before, yet it actually pulls us away from being productive. Find out your calling life, here is a little homework that will help steer your life heading into a car wreck.

Take the time out on a Sunday and plan your week. Set your goals for the day and then your goals for the week. Once you have your daily goal set, break down each hour. Write down what you are going to accomplish in that time and stick with it. I promise you that if you can actually follow this plan you’ll become three times more productive in your life. At Training for Warriors we do the same thing. We focus in on a particular muscle group each day and within three to four hours a week you’ll hit all of your body parts… and your fitness goals as well.

There is no reason to wander around the gym with so many new machines available, wondering what to do, how many reps, how many sets… Or in some cases, how do I use this thing!?. We have it all planned out for you with a certified coach to guide and motivate you. So if you want to spend just three to four hours a week and get amazing results, I recommend you try our program.

Bonus: Here is a little workout that I like to do when I travel. I call it the airport workout. I set my timer for 5 minutes, then I do 10 bodyweight squats, 10 pushups and 10 knee grabs. I like to see how many sets that I can do in that 5 minute time span.

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